Coming Events

Tue, Aug 28
Greenville Marriott
EOS USA Meetup
Come join the movement as EOS USA details the many exciting projects currently taking place on the EOSIO platform. This meetup is hosted by Clay Albright, David Pence and Brian Lamberti of EOS USA.
Tue, Aug 21
The Deli at Pelham Falls
YouTube LIVE - 1st Episode
Join Clay Albright and Brian Lamberti for a roundtable discussion about EOSIO and the 4% worker proposal fund.
Sat, Aug 18
Georgia Guidestones
Brian & Clay tour the Georgia Guidestones. The Georgia Guidestones is a granite monument erected in 1980 in Elbert County, Georgia, in the United States. Address: 1031 Guide Stones Road, Elberton, GA 30635 Opened: March 22, 1980 Height: 19.26′