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EOS USA can access bandwidth of 1 Gigabit connection up, and 1 Gigabit down. The total bandwidth on this connection is 93% available for other uses. The transformer at 1 Distribution Court has just completed upgrading and doubling the KVA of the transformer in 2017.



EOS USA resides in a converted 1,500 sq ft data center. This space is equipped with a 1 gigabit up and 1 gigabit down cyber connection, redundant cable modem, and redundant 4G wireless connection. In the event of communications failure, EOS USA has triple path redundancy built-in. Similar to the server hardware, many companies upgrade their Fortinet equipment, and leave behind the worlds best firewalls at a fraction of cost. Uh, we'll take those, thank you! This makes our Block Producer one of the most secure in the entire EOS environment.



EOS USA wishes to set a new standard in transparency by allowing an inside look into the conversations of the team. We feel that authenticity is easily captured in this manner. Audio/video recordings and social media will play a large role in our transparency.



As more applications move to the cloud, they leave behind dozens of multi core, rack mounted, 1U, 2U and 4U servers. EOS USA has approx 128 cores, less than 7 years old. We believe we can reuse these cores, consisting of 2TB RAM and 100TB of redundant storage collectively with these rehabilitated servers. Our triple redundant internet connections and an unlimited supply of used servers will allow EOS USA to effectively scale in a green and low cost manner.



Clay's understanding of cryptocurrency has led him straight to EOS. As an avid trader of cryptocurrency, he began to appreciate the value that a platform like EOS can bring to people all over the world. Listen to Clay on YouTube or DTube.

Social Media Personality



David began mining Bitcoin in 2016. His background as a technology consultant began over 20 years ago. David joined the team in an effort to improve blockchain technology through his involvement with EOS.

Chief Technical Officer


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Brian first began trading cryptocurrency in 2016. His background as a restaurant owner helped him to identify niches in the market where cryptocurrency will really take off. Brian has joined Clay in the media frenzy surrounding EOS.

Operations Strategist